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Message from the District Governor Paul

Fellow Lions in District 26-M2,

What a start to the new Lions year 2023-2024! The International Convention in Boston, MA was great. Walking in the parade of nations, meeting new lions, creating new friends, enjoying the banquets and plenary session. The International Convention is a sight to see, if you have not attended one before, I encourage you to attend. In addition, the upcoming USA/Canada forum is just around the corner, September 21-23,
2023 in Reno, NV this year. The USA/Canada forum is a great time as well, as you get to learn all kinds of things that help with Lions, Home Life, and can apply to your work. There are seminars for all kinds of things like Marketing, Emergency planning, LCIF Grants, Servant Leadership – Inspiring your members, to Serving together and much more. Check out the USA/Canada forum website for more details at www.lionsforum.org which will have the features of over 80 seminars and four motivational speakers during the event.

As part of my theme this year I am “Excited to Serve!” With that comes service projects, events, fellowships, collaborating with other clubs, and getting out in our community. I know that there are a lot of ideas and let us focus on one goal, serving our community. What does that mean? My Goal on Service: By the end of the 2023-2024 Lion year, our district will increase the percentage of clubs reporting service (meet or exceed last years’ service reporting numbers). Our team will ensure 65% of clubs in our district report service. 20 out of 37 clubs in our district reported service last year, with 54% reporting service. Let us break that Record! I know we can do it. By focusing on one goal, we can put plans together for serving our community and reporting that service is key to this
plan. It allows us to be accountable, market our projects, and show our projects to others that view service on MyLion website. We are off to a great start as clubs are reporting their service, keep up the great work and if you do have any questions, please feel free to contact your Zone chairperson or anyone on our cabinet team.

I look forward to serving with you in this great district MD26-M2 and seeing what we can do to “Be More, Do More and Serve More!” You know that I am “Excited to Serve!” this year!!!

Lion Paul Carr
District Governor



Message from 1st Vice District Governor Michelle

Greetings Lions!

Wow, the first Cabinet Meeting for District Governor Paul is done and over! It was great to see so many there and new faces also. We have one zone of Our District that has had Officer training and the Zone Chair training will be complete also. So you should be hearing from your Zone Chairs real soon! If your Club Officers want training, please have them reach out to District Governor Paul Carr, Global Leadership Lion Joe Foster, or myself, Vice District Governor Michelle Foster, or Your Zone Chair.

Do you know what your passions are, or do you just have dreams? Dreams are something you want to be or do in your future. I dream to travel to many Countries of the World and to go sky diving some day, or when I was younger I dreamed to be a water skiing acrobat. Passions are something you are passionate about, something you love doing or sharing in present time. Most Lions had a passion to be a part of Lions
Clubs for some reason or cause. I’m curious about your passions. As I travel to the clubs this year with District Governor Paul I’m going to be gathering People’s passions.
Explore your passions and find others around you that have the same passions. Passions bring smiles and smiles bring joy and fun. Lions are fun so we need to consider sharing smiles that spark more people’s passions to join Lions.

As you travel your Communities don’t be afraid to share stories about Lions, or even share stories to others outside your Communities. I traveled to another part of the state this past weekend with some lion friends from around the state. We were laughing and having fun while asked by a lady observing us where we were from, what we were doing and how we knew each other after talking a bit. Her father was an optometrist back in the 70’s and belonged to a Lions club in northern Missouri. We encouraged her to check them out, and she was going to encourage her sister as well. It may not happen, but it put a smile on her face and a spark of intent on her mind.

Share and join together as we are all Lions and here for the same ending “We Serve”! Make it fun!

Serving with You!

Lion Michelle Foster
1st Vice District Governor



Message from 2nd Vice District Governor - VACANT POSITION





Deadline for the next issue of The Lions That Roar is Ocotber 12, 2023.

Now is the time to for you to get an article in spotlighting your club or a special event. Do you have a “Did You Know” article? Pictures will be used
whenever possible. Do you want to share why you became a Lion? Maybe you can inspire others.

Please send to the Editor Lion Dave Kinkade at editor@lions26m2.org.


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