District 26-M2 Newsletters

Message from the District Governor Joe

Greeting Lions,

What a great year this has been in the State and Lions Club International. The Lions have taken this organization (Past the Horizon) just like the International President has requested. When lions are put to the challenge they will always come thru.

As we come to the close of this Lions year I look back at all the good things that our great district has accomplished and know that will be the normal going forward. The incoming DG team is focused on keeping things positive and not letting Drama take things over again. We need to always remember that everyone is a volunteer!!

I would like to close this year out with saying that I have tried to do the best job possible to help the district and I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve again. I know some do not agree with the decision but I was asked to be available if the District needed and I did that. It has been a very difficult year to say the least.

Lion Michelle and I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcomes and the awesome hospitality that the district has shown us this last year. Lion Michelle has been asked to serve again as Cabinet Secretary and is looking forward to the club visits next year. I will be working in the state as GLT MD and will surely keep busy.

As for next year’s plans I have purchased a new drag car and plan to spend some time at the track and watching my grandson play sports.


Yours in Lionism,

DG Lion Joe Foster

District Governor 26-M2


Message from District Governor-Elect George


Well time is here, in less than a month Lion Jennifer and Myself will be at the International Convention in Milan, Italy; "Che momento divertente sara' ! I get the Honor to fly over as Lion George and fly home as your District Governor, Thank You for your support.

I'm excited to be your District Governor next year and I hope that I have been able to excite the district. I get to build on the successes of all the past district governors and help the Lions of the district achieve their dreams.

My theme this year is, "Aspire to Inspire ". I wish, that we collectively, can change the life of one person and ASPIRE them to Play it Forward. What a Glorious place this would be!

With that being said, now it starts. It’s time to Aspire. If you club wants inspiration, contact us; we have Excellent Programs, Speakers and Guiding Lions waiting and wanting to be put to work. We have Lions in the wings, waiting and wanting to help clubs at their fundraisers. We have new Zone & Committee Chairs that are waiting, wanting and excited to get out in the district.

We have Lions coming up with new ideas. We have clubs that are doing wonderful things ... Did you know that the SLU Lions can run your whole trivia night for your club? Do you know that the Eureka Lions have the best Ribs around, Lion Jennifer and myself met some people at the Lake of the Ozarks (They were form Memphis) and once they found out we were Lions said "Those Eureka Lions have the Best Ribs we ever had"! Do you know that the St Louis Downtown Lions Club is one of the few original Founders Clubs remaining? Did you know that the Maplewood Lions have a Park Pavilion named after them? Did you know that the Webster Groves Lions 4th of July carnival is 94 years OLD? Did you know that all the Lions and Clubs in our District have, over the years, collected and donated Millions of dollars to help change our communities and the World?

I would love for each club to send in a "Did you Know ....." to our Newsletter editor about their own club. I wish to have a few "Did you Knows ..." in each addition.

I can promise you Lions One thing, over the years you have Inspired me; I will do my best to Inspire you this year. Let’s have some fun and make memories.

"Aspire to Inspire"

DG-Elect Lion George Winkeler Jr.
District Governor - Elect 26-M2


Message from 1st Vice District Governor-Elect Sandee

Fellow Lions,

The last ROAR of the year! It has been a pleasure to serve the District this year as your 2nd Vice District Governor.

A big Lions THANK YOU to all who contributed to District 26-M2 successes--led by District Governor Joe Foster.

As we prepare for the coming year and clubs are installing new officers, I am looking through the LCI oaths of office. I am reminded that club presidents and secretaries promise to be active members of the DG Advisory board. Never heard of it? We call it a zone meeting and they happen 2 or 3 times a year. How beneficial it would be to clubs and the district to have all 39 clubs represented at meetings, sharing ideas and looking for ways to move forward in service! It’s a lofty goal, I know, but I’d love to see all clubs participating next year.

Good luck with all of your summer activities. Please keep our media communications chairperson, Lion Becky Speeler (speeler22@hotmail.com), informed so that other Lions can support your club’s efforts.

1st VDG-Elect Lion Sandee Marshall
1st Vice District Governor - Elect 26-M2




Deadline for the next issue of The Lions That Roar is
August 12th.

Now is the time to for you to get an article in spotlighting your club or a special event. Pictures will be used whenever possible. Do you want to share why you became a Lion? Maybe you can inspire others.

Please send to the 2018-2019 Editor Lion Dave Kinkade at editor@lions26m2.org.