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Message from the District Governor Devin

Hello Lions friends,
I’m happy to be writing this on a warm, sunny day. I love the Spring and Summer seasons and being outdoors. If you happened to hear my daughters “roast” me at the district convention, you know about my passions for biking, concerts, and lawn care. All of these passions (thankfully) pick up at this time of the year. It makes my heart happy.

Speaking of the district convention, thank you to each of you for making it a huge success. I appreciate the hard work of the committee. I appreciate the clubs who hosted hospitality booths and those who presented President reports. I appreciate the service organizations who sent representatives and gave reports. I appreciate all who supported our Touch of Hope Purse service project. I appreciate all of our Lions friends who traveled a long distance from outside the district. I appreciate my fellow District Governors who came to show their support. It makes my heart happy.

Congratulations to those who received special awards at the district convention. We presented four International President Certificates of Appreciation, multiple Melvin Jones Fellowships, two Mid-South Dalstrom Awards, a Quality Lion Award, and multiple LCI Chevrons. In addition, the Eye Foundation and many clubs presented substantial donations for our various service organizations and causes. It makes my heart happy.

I also want to congratulate those who were elected into new positions for the 2022/2023 Lions year. These included PCC Lion George Winkeler Jr. (Saving Sight board member), Lion Ed Marshall (Eye Foundation board member), Lion Michelle Foster (2nd Vice District Governor), Lion Paul Carr (1st Vice District Governor), and Lion Leon Hove (District Governor). Speaking of my friend and your District Governor Elect Leon, he’s been quite busy. He’s doing the hard work to be prepared for his year as District Governor. I promise he will be an amazing leader for our district. He is ready to serve. It makes my heart happy.

With a happy heart,

Lion Devin Struttmann,
District Governor




Message from 1st Vice District Governor Leon

Fellow Lions,

Spring has sprung and many clubs are starting up their BBQ grills. Covid appears to be waning but probably will be part of our lives for some time, but people want to be out and involved. As we BBQ or have other events, be sure to relay to those who attend what Lions do. Ask if there are ways we can serve community needs that are not being met currently by others, that maybe we could do.

Reach out to club members who hav e been absent or maybe even dropped during the past two years because of covid. Invite them to return and help us serve those in our communities who have suffered more than we have. Find their passion and yours and enjoy the great feeling that comes from serving others.

Lion Leon Hove,
District Governor-Elect




Message from 2nd Vice District Governor Paul

Fellow Lions in District 26-M2,

Spring is in the air; the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. It is time for the spring cleaning out of the winter items and into the spring items. Get your planners out for it is also time to start planning the BBQ, county fairs, local fairs, carnivals, and such. What are your clubs doing to raise awareness of your local Lions Club and activities that we are doing? Get this information out to your Zone Chairperson, they are your communication spokesperson for the district and our community. Post the information on our district Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/112111485465968 ask for help, through the Zone Chairperson, if you need help with your club event.

Speaking of communication spokesperson, who is your Club Administrator? What is a Club Administrator? What does a Club Administrator do? These are all good questions about a Club Administrator. From my perspective, a Club Administrator is a person that helps the club out with communication of service
activities through LCI website, putting in the service hours and number of people receiving service. It is someone that collaborates with the club secretary on these items of communication with the Zone Chairperson. It is a helping hand with communication with the district and Lions Club International. Does your club have such a person that will help? Let your Zone Chairperson know who your Club Administrator is. Thank you.

Lion Paul Carr
1st Vice District Governor-Elect




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