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Message from the District Governor Devin

Greetings Lions,
I hope this newsletter finds you doing well. As you read this, we’re just days away from Christmas. I hope you’re ready to enjoy the holidays with family and you get some rest and relaxation.

We’ve been busy visiting clubs. There have been many Governor visits, fundraisers, and Holiday parties. It’s exciting to see the clubs active and back together in-person. Since this wasn’t the case last year, we certainly don’t take it for granted. We also had a wonderful turnout for our Cabinet Meeting on
December 6. Thank you for all those attending and wearing your favorite Holiday sweaters.

At these recent events, it has been a real pleasure to be joined by our new 1st Vice District Governor. Lion Leon Hove stepped up to fill this vacancy and he definitely hit the ground running. He’s working hard for the district, state, and all Lions. Please know that our district will be in excellent hands with Lion Leon. We thank the Washington Lions Club for sharing him with us.

As we look ahead, our focus will shift to our District Convention in March. Please make plans to join us. You won’t want to miss this fun and informative weekend. Our guests will be International Director Lion Allen Snider and his wife Lion Susan. As a kickoff, we will be meeting with them virtually on our next 5th Thursday Virtual Happy Hour. This will be held on Thursday, December 30, at 7:00 PM. This will be a great opportunity to learn a little about them in advance and ask any

As we head into the New Year, we still have half of the Lions year ahead of us. There’s still plenty of time and much to accomplish. As you think about those New Year resolutions, what new step can you take for Lions? I thank you in advance as you “Take a Step” in 2022.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Lion Devin Struttmann,
District Governor




Message from 1st Vice District Governor Leon

Fellow Lions,
I’m honored that the PDGs and PCCs of our great District have enough confidence in me to select me to step in as your 1st Vice District Governor. I will do my best to serve you in this position.

With only four weeks into this position, I’ve already found there are a lot of decisions to be made. In just six months I will become the figurehead for District 26-M2, but I’ll only be the person with the title. Each and everyone of you are
what makes our District great and with your continued commitment to Lions we will make it even greater.

Currently we number 1198 Lions in thirty-seven clubs. That is down three members and one club for the year. We may be able to resurrect SLU Campus Club which would be a real plus. Lion 2nd VDG Paul is working hard in north county on a new club and has sought help with some government officials in the area. With his hard work we may gain a club and members in an area we are currently not serving. Have you asked someone to a Lion’s meeting? We only need a few new Lions to make this a positive membership year for Governor Devin. Multiple
District 26 is up sixty-two members and in 10th place in our Constitutional Area. Let’s see if we can help move up in the rankings.

There are many opportunities for you to become involved in Lions at the District level. What is your passion? We have committees and programs that will meet that passion. I and the District need your help. Let me, Governor Devin, or 2nd
VDG Paul know of your interest.

You are the Lions. You have the contacts for those who need our service. You can be happy and have fun while serving others. Together we can help fulfill the dreams of some who are not as fortunate as we are. You can Serve. YOU can BE a

I hope all of you have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

Lion Leon Hove,
1st Vice District Governor




Message from 2nd Vice District Governor Paul

Fellow Lions in District 26-M2,

It is giving time of year as we go through the giving season, we are inspired to give in our community. I just want to thank you in this endeavor. There are many things we can be thankful in the holiday season; one is being thankful for
our friends and family in lions. Giving is an important part of being a lion, it drives us to improve in what we do every day, reaching out in our hearts and expressing in what we do for our fellow lions. My prayers go out to our fellow lions and
communities that have endure the fall out of the tragic tornadoes that have incurred in the mid-western states. We as lions must step up and be proud of our service to those who need our service.

I am excited to server as your 2nd vice district governor this year, we are halfway through the calendar year of our district governor Lion Devin Struttmann, are you taking a step? Meaning are you taking a step to better serve our community? If you are not taking a step to help improve our community in lions, what are you taking a step towards lions? I am trying to improve our communications, lets get lions activity out in our communities, what are you putting out in social media? Facebook, Instagram, twitter, blogs, etc. If you do not know what content to share, please let me know.

Lion Paul Carr
2nd Vice District Governor




Deadline for the next issue of The Lions That Roar is February 12th, 2022.

Now is the time to for you to get an article in spotlighting your club or a special event. Do you have a “Did You Know” article? Pictures will be used
whenever possible. Do you want to share why you became a Lion? Maybe you can inspire others.

Please send to the Editor Lion Dave Kinkade at editor@lions26m2.org.


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