District 26-M2 Newsletters

Message from the District Governor Joe

Greetings Fellow Lions,

Michelle and I are enjoying all the Governor Visits and will be seeing more of you soon. As summer fads and winter is coming, the focuses of clubs are changing. Please keep the needy in mind over this upcoming holiday season; it tends to be a challenging time for them. If there is anything that the District can do to help out, please let us know and we will do our best to help where we can.

District Convention will be a New and Exciting format this year. We will have a 2 day Convention, and it will be held Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17, 2019. Hospitality will be held Saturday February 16th. We are booking Hospitality Rooms now, and we hope you club will attend.

District Convention Committee is working very hard to reformat the Convention and it is being focused on the Lions of the District. We are trying to keep time and cost in mind. We are moving hospitality to Saturday night and hope more Lions can attend and enjoy the fellowship. We will have a full business meeting on Saturday and then finish remaining business Sunday morning. Our International Guest will speak during the Luncheon on Saturday. Please plan to attend. We will be sending more information soon.

We are taking nomination letters for District positions, if you have one please remit to DG Joe, PCC Terry Boettcher, PDG Debbie Blumenberg, PDG Missy Carr, or email them to
nominations@lions26m2.org. The nominations will start at the December Cabinet Meeting at the Timbers.

Lion Michelle and I would like to wish Happy Thanksgiving to all Lions and their families of District 26-M2. As we spend time with our families please take a moment to remember our
service men that our out there making sure we are safe.

Yours in Lionism,

DG Lion Joe Foster
District Governor 26-M2


Message from 1st Vice District Governor George

Hello Lions of 26-M2,

What an exciting time of the Year. Fall is in the air, Lions are at full swing and conventions are starting to happen throughout the State. VDG Sandee and I, along with 3 other Lions from 26-M2 and 25 from the State, attended the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Columbus OHIO in September. What a GREAT experience, it was the Best one I have ever went to. Lion Jennifer and I got to meet with our International President and our Incoming President.....A lot of Positive changes are coming our way! It's a Great time to be a Lion. Next year the Forum will be in Spokane, Washington on September 19-21, 2019. Plan on joining me in Spokane. So far there is 4 going from M2 and the 1st round of refreshments are on me!

DG Joe has things going full speed ahead and the district is looking great, people are working together and everyone is happy ... Keep up the good work.

We have a district service project coming up and hope to get a HUGE turnout.

The M2 Convention is approaching and your VDG's are talking about the future of our district. If you have served, are serving or are thinking about serving either in a Cabinet of a Committee Chair; Please let me know. If you’re thinking, " I wish I could but, .........." Let me know. I will have
positions open for helpers, sub-chairs and future leaders.

Last, but surly not least, I hope you are having FUN as a Lion. If not, then let’s get together and change things so the Fun never stops.

“Aspire to Inspire”,

1st VDG Lion George Winkeler Jr.
1st Vice District Governor 26-M2


Message from 2nd Vice District Governor Sandee

Fellow Lions,

District Governor Joe’s theme for the year is “The Power of Positivity”. A secondary theme for this year is COMMUNICATION. This newsletter is an excellent way to spread information throughout the District. Any Club can contribute an article or flyer. Use it fully to inform and
learn. The all-important relationship between the Zone Chairs and their Clubs is another avenue—a two-way street for connecting and solving problems.

The newest path for disseminating information is through our recently appointed Media Communications Chair, Lion Becky Speeler (Webster Groves). She will blast notices of activities
and events on all types of social media. Clubs are already experiencing greater success. Just ask the Beaufort Lions who recently doubled the sales at their annual Chicken dinner!

Lastly, much valuable information is shared at our new shorter, more focused Cabinet meetings. All are encouraged to attend to network and strengthen Lion friendships. I would love to see
you at the December 3rd meeting at 6 pm at The Timbers Community Center in Eureka.

Yours in Lionism,

2nd VDG Lion Sandee Marshall
2nd Vice District Governor 26-M2




Deadline for the next issue of The Lions That Roar is
December 12th.

Now is the time to for you to get an article in spotlighting your club or a special event. Pictures will be used whenever possible. Do you want to share why you became a Lion? Maybe you can inspire others.

Please send to the 2018-2019 Editor Lion Dave Kinkade at editor@lions26m2.org.